Episode 2 update

I’m finishing up the script for Episode 2, “Red Dirt.” Family matters have intervened, including some birthdays and a memorial service. The latter took place on a hill overlooking a lake in the Red Hills of North Florida. The question this episode poses is: Why is red dirt or red clay associated with the Deep… Continue reading Episode 2 update

1 : : The Deep South

Transcript [You can hear Episode 1 here.] Welcome to Episode 1 of the Deep South History podcast. I’m your host, Robert P. Collins, in Birmingham, Alabama. The Deep South. Where is that exactly? Where are the boundaries? Is there any real difference between the Deep South and, you know, the rest of what we call… Continue reading 1 : : The Deep South

Episode 1 is live!

Just after midnight I uploaded Episode 1, “The Deep South.” It’s still working its way across the internets, but you can hear it immediately at the Podbean hosting site. Eventually I’ll work out how to post the podcast directly on this site as well. For now, I’m as green as the background of this page.… Continue reading Episode 1 is live!